Dhanapriya Kakchingtabam

Colloidal Magnetic Nanoparticles
Surface Modificaiton for bio-medical applications
Works on an interdisciplinary and collaborative project including the School of Chemistry  (St Andrews ) and the Institute of Medical Science and Technology  (Dundee )

2010 - present


Past Members


Shu Chen

FePt based Colloidal Magnetic Nanoparticles
Designed new chemical syntheses, tuned properties and developed medical applications.
Interdisciplinary project with Profs S. Lee  & D. Cole-Hamilton
Contributed to develop collaborations with the University of Glasgow , Queen's  University Belfast  and the Institute of Medical Science and Technology  (Dundee )
In Dec. 2010, Shu handed in his PhD dissertation and defended his PhD 2 months later before starting a postdoctoral position at Imperial College London .

More to come... but so far his PhD has led to
- 1 submitted
- 4 accepted peer-reviewed publications
- 7 oral presentations  at international conferences
- 2 international conference proceedings
- 6 posters  at nationals and international conferences
- 2 patents

Feb. 2007 - Feb. 2011